A solid team with an ambitious vision: rehabilitate iconic buildings while contributing to an economical boost.


Our Mission

We welcome citizens of the world! Our passion is to empower your mobility, through global and trustworthy solutions.

Mercan Properties establishes a long-lasting partnership with our investors, through our team and worldwide partners, by offering unique and secure investments in projects in Portugal, a country increasingly viewed worldwide as an inescapable destination.




Our vision

Provide unique projects that are able to bring together individual investors and major market players.

By providing unique projects, and selling them via co-ownership we are able to empower single investors, by joining them with major market players in the hospitality business, maximizing profit and security.

At the same time, these actions have a considerable impact in the local areas where we invest, and bring our vision to a better Portugal.



Mercan Properties is part of the Mercan Group of Companies.


Mercan Group of companies, founded in 1989 by Jerry Morgan, is a leading Canadian Immigration company and consists of a number of entities, each specialising in sectors within immigration like investment, education and foreign worker recruitment. Mercan has helped bring more than 45,000 foreign immigrants to Canada, EU and USA. Moreover, through Mercan's recruitment companies,  more than 10,000 foreign workers were brought to Canada, USA, Europe, Middle East, Malaysia and the Caribbean Islands.

Mercan Group is celebrating 35 Years of Excellence and Success!

Mercan Group has transformed from a visionary startup in 1989 into a leading force in investment, education, and immigration, with a presence in over 30 countries, as a symbol of innovative solutions and expert leadership.


We look forward to continuing to serve our clients with the same dedication and innovation that have been the hallmark of Mercan Group for over three decades. 




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