Challenged by ambition.


We are a group of companies based in Porto - Portugal, with highly qualified and specialized professionals in the real estate development.

Nowadays, our portfolio represents a significant investment to the national economy.

We’re focused in touristic projects, and we aim to provide our stakeholders the best investment opportunities in Portugal.



“The most important thing when you are involved in immigration business, no matter what category it is, is that you are actually helping people. Our company is trying to be first and foremost honest and give people a clear picture of what they can do or not. In Mercan, we practice honesty first.”

Jerome Morgan
Founder & President of Mercan Group

“We are a unique integrated solution provider. We always work with an internationally branded hotel, which gives you comfort and confidence that this is a good product. We have great location, and a hospitality location is everything. Our investments are very safe, so today we are the leading real estate developer in rehabilitation of products into hospitality."

Jordi Vilanova
President of Mercan Properties Portugal

About our departments

The Investor Relations department is composed by an international team that makes all investors feel secure about their investments.

The communications to each investor are done in a regular basis, whether to inform on the current changes to the political scene in Portugal or new updates to their investments. 

Sales Support

Each investor is unique, and our sales team helps all international partners in guiding investors, towards the final decision. Our specialized team provides full information on all projects and answers all questions related to the Golden Visa Application.


Construction & Development department plan and analyze all details of every project.

Our top engineers work with the most advanced techniques throughout the entire process, since the project planning until the final stage. Our facilities exemplify the quality and accuracy of our work, including material costs and both interior and exterior of each project.

This department transposes our vision from paper to the field, while providing the necessary updates to our investors and partners from the beginning to the end of the construction.


The vision of the finance department is to provide value added solutions to all the stakeholders, all the steps of the way. 

This department has the mission to provide financial investment opportunities that serves the goals and ambitions of the investors. 

Besides structuring each investment, our finance department produces a tax planning to get the most efficient framework and layout, always complying with all the legal and tax requirements. Essentially, the main goal is to search for the most efficient financial solutions.


Human Resources works as the main articulator between all the departments of our company and its employees.

This department’s mission is to make sure that all our talented people possess the required tools that contribute to a smoothly work environment and a productive workflow.

They are capable to respond to the increasing demands of the exponentially growth of the company.


At Mercan Properties we want our investors’ trips to Portugal to be efficient and also enjoyable.

Our hosting team collects and understands all the needs of our investors and ensures that all details go according to plan when they travel to Portugal.

This service manages this whole process, from the initial travel bookings and accommodation to the investors’ agenda throughout the entire stay.


Marketing & Communications have the mind-set that any company, that craves for growth and consolidation in the business industry, needs for an efficient and organized strategy.

Gifted with their own original ideas and productive mechanisms, this department sets its main objective on increasing the notoriety of the company on a global scale, as well as the other agents who collaborate with us.

 At the end of the day, this department assures that our mission, vision, and values are always considered in the company’s communication with our investors and partners.


The IT department is responsible for guaranteeing and implementing the necessary technological innovations for a good and accurate management and well as a productive as fast development in our company.

Based on the evolution of the digital world, our IT experts have the ability to provide the best solutions for the most diverse digital challenges.


The right partners for success. 



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Consultancy & Advisory


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