A brand leader in investment & development in hospitality across Portugal.


Pioneering Portugal’s Hospitality Since 2015. Partnership and Innovation in Portugal's Hospitality Industry.

Mercan Group, established in 2015, has become a cornerstone of hospitality in Portugal, boasting an extensive portfolio that includes 31 landmark projects valued at €1.2 billion with 9 hotels in operation and 22 under construction.  Our commitment to innovation and quality has driven us to the forefront of the industry, where we've crafted a legacy of luxury and cultural authenticity.

Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

Mercan through the establishment of Mercan Funds in Portugal, which are eligible for the Golden Visa Program, initiates a strategic endeavor aimed at attracting foreign investment to energize Portugal's expanding hospitality sector. This effort reflects a commitment to economic growth through strategic partnerships in high-value hospitality ventures, underscored by Mercan’s dedication to transparency, diligence, and excellence in the sector.

Partner with Mercan for Sustainable Growth

With an extensive global network across over 30 countries, Mercan in Portugal offers unrivaled access to the tourism sector's investment opportunities, in perfect harmony with the current vision for investments. We are distinguished by the economic impact that its activity potentiates, through the creation of opportunities for foreign investors and by using this investment to create high-quality hotels that guarantees employment, increases the potential of the surrounding areas and offers a touristic experience at the best level.



Why Portugal. The Benefits.

With a strategic location, Portugal is a country open to the Atlantic that meets all the conditions for those looking for a fast growing consumer market, as well as a business ecosystem and a competitive economy that favours entrepreneurship, based on highly qualified human resources.

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Corporate Hosting & Hospitality

Our team strives to offer an exclusive and personalized corporate hosting and hospitality, helping our partners in every detail. With our quality service we will accompany you to all of your appointments related to the investment process and if needed, give you the best suggestions of what to do and see in our stunning country. Our goal is that our investors can have the most incredible experience during their stay when they come to Portugal. 



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