Casa da Companhia Hotel: there is always a place for uniqueness in history

9 March, 2023
Casa da Companhia Hotel: there is always a place for uniqueness in history

For more than two centuries, Portuguese winery has been a part of Portugal's history across the world. And now, its magnificence gave life to one of the most luxurious hotels in the center of Porto 

Reframing luxury hospitality for the better, Casa da Companhia: A Vignette Collection by IHG Hotels combines elegance and uniqueness into a place of history and memory. Casa da Companhia is inspired by its location, architecture, and history within the heart of Porto city. The perfect place for those who seek to discover and be enriched by the local community. 

… What makes Casa da Companhia such a special place?

For all of those who want to enjoy comfort, quality, and history in just one place, the charming and unique atmosphere of Casa da Companhia is the result of the rehabilitation of a historical building - Real Companhia Velha - in Porto, from the 18th century, located in an area classified as World Heritage, by UNESCO. 

With a privileged location in the historic center of Porto, Casa da Companhia Hotel gave meaning to the prestigious Rua das Flores - a “home for noble houses”. The architectural project was conceived to maintain its original roots, and preserve its heritage as one of the oldest wine companies in the country, combining the perfect harmony between the past, present, and future. 

The inspiration...

The IHG Hotels & Resorts celebrate its first Vignette Collection in Portugal with Mercan Properties project. As a part of the newest and fast-growing luxury IHG portfolio, this is a family of distinct luxury hotels connected by a unique concept: people & places. 

With endless ventures, Casa da Companhia Hotel is a unique boutique, with a story to tell and a strong connection to the wine history, combining conviviality and high-quality standards. The interior design has been restored to its original 18th-century preservation, in which the ceilings and its original stones are just some of the features that await guests through this historical journey.

Within the concept of comfortable bedding, there’s plenty of room for comfort! Wrapped in a light and luxurious atmosphere, this project of 40 rooms & suites of neutral colors and natural materials, reflects a relaxed and elegant environment, where every detail counts to underline Casa da Companhia as an unforgettable experience! 

A truly unique property, ideal for the most discerning travelers, who seek to build and preserve a distinct character and leave an imprint on every travel.

Take a look outside!

Behind every stay, a history awaits, and, in Casa da Companhia: a Vignette Collection by IHG Hotels, every journey matters! Weaving to the responsibility of embracing its local history and community, this project is a 10-minute pleasant walk to the city's oldest and most historical buildings. 

Enjoy the ambiance and the traditional roots of Porto’s city center, with its traditional shops and trendiest restaurants. Where you can meet street artists, enjoy live music, and find creativity among painters and photographers. Casa da Companhia is a Mercan Properties project, committed to shaping the future of responsible travel by creating memorable rituals and one-of-a-kind stays.


…Talking about one-of-a-kind stays!

Inspired by the Mediterranean flavors and routes, Casa da Companhia’s restaurant offers the beauty of the fine dining concept, with a range of the best traditional dishes from Portugal’s coast and Mountains. 

Preserving the childhood memories and the loving environment of our traditional cuisine, explore Portuguese gastronomy in an elegant and informal atmosphere provided at the lounge bar, where our guests can delight themselves with an author’s creation while enjoying a live music session.

All of this is an authentic experience, by the knowledge acquired over generations and years! 


Find a moment to pause.

Casa da Companhia Wellness Area is perfect for relaxing and recovering after a busy day of meetings or visiting the city. Explore a varied selection of massages and treatments, with the best high-quality and natural products to elevate the senses. After visiting the Gym, fitted with the most sophisticated TechnogymTM types of equipment, enjoy an immersive swimming experience, in our heated indoor and outdoor pools, alongside a Turkish Bath or Sauna. 

The perfect harmony between the Past, Present, and Future!

Casa da Companhia symbols a major milestone for Mercan Properties and the company’s mission within the Real Estate Market. This was the first rehabilitated project, that emerged from a bigger hospitality concept: be a part of it! Which turned the old Real Companhia dos Vinhos, in the emblematic Rua das Flores, into a five-star hotel, filled with history and character!

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