Casa das Lérias: a place where tradition meets modernism

8 March, 2023
Casa das Lérias: a place where tradition meets modernism

Famously known for its traditional pastry, Casa das Lérias was rehabilitated into a magnificent place to stay in Amarante.

Casa das Lérias has inherited the location of the prestigious “Confeitaria de Amarante”, once known by Amarante’s famous and traditional cakes – the Lérias, the 18th century.

Located within a natural background provided by the shores of Rio Tâmega, Casa das Lérias opened its doors in 2021, completely transformed by Mercan Properties, into a modern place to stay. In a minimal and cozy design, Casa das Lérias is the pearl of Amarante City, with a breathtaking view over the river and a two minute walk from the city center and its various restaurants, wineries, and the beautiful “Trail of Watermills” of Amarante.

Stories written by the river…

As a product of the city's heritage, it is safe to say, that Mercan Properties' intervention in the old pastry shop building, had a relevant impact on the urban fabric, from an architectural point of view, as Casa das Lérias remains one of the fewer examples of Portuguese Modernism in Amarante. From the socio-cultural aspect, by materializing the stories of Amarante traditional pastry, Mercan Properties recognized the identity and character of this old heritage, passed on from generations in this small town. 

That said, preserving the history and memory of Casa das Lérias was a pilar for Mercan Properties since day one. Now, rehabilitated into a new concept: offering an absolute and exquisite experience in a unique and inspiring natural environment, that served as inspiration for many writers and painters.

The perfect place to relax with family!

Known for its singularity and discrete ambiance, Casa das Lérias evolved into a relaxing and comfortable environment. Within a minimal and natural design, growing under ecological concern and associated with a minimalistic way of living, the natural and nude palette colors offer a simple and sophisticated mood for every common area. 

Celebrating well-being and tranquility, the rooms are divided into these four types: Deluxe, Duplex, Single, and Superior. Filled with grey, brown, white, and green tones, standing out as one of the most predominant colors, in the interior and exterior design of Casa da Lérias.

Talking about sweet pastry…

In the Café&Bar of Casa das Lérias, guests can find regional and tasty products, carefully selected and prepared to surprise your senses. From its regional wines to the traditional dishes and pastries from Amarante, visitors can enjoy an amazing gastronomical experience. Here, the generational knowledge of the "old ways" cuisine wasn’t forgotten, and can be savored with a cold summer drink or with a hot recomforting tea, tasted with the most inspiring and privileged view of all: Tâmega river. 

Casa das Lérias also offers a panoramic terrace with an overlooking view of the garden and the outdoor pool. Within a spacious and green outdoor area, it invites all its guests to experience true moments of well-being and pure rest, with always a new story to tell. Adventure programs, bike rides, or gastronomical tasting experiences are some of the touristic options that Casa das Lérias has to offer!


About Mercan Properties

This is the second project by Mercan Properties to open doors in 2021. Alongside the emergence of tourist activity, the identity and memory of the city’s hallmark also re-emerged. The traditional confectionery that served as primordial activity and Amarante's heritage for centuries was intentionally recovered and intervened as an important factor in the sense of the building’s rehabilitation, by restoring one of its most recognized and endogenous products, back into society - the Lérias sweets.

Mercan Properties focuses on hospitality and the tourism market, with a strong role in the rehabilitation and preservation of historical buildings, with a history to tell… such as Casa das Lérias.

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