Mercan Properties at the International Immigration & Property Expo 2023

15 March, 2023
Mercan Properties at the International Immigration & Property Expo 2023

Investors, agents, and stakeholders gathered in Hong Kong for the 4th International Immigration and Property Expo (IMMIEXPO). 

Mercan Properties has joined more than 100 immigration service exhibitors in 70 marathon lectures, in Hong Kong (China), for the "International Migration & Property Expo", which has become a significant worldwide event in the matter of Immigration and Property.

IMMIEXPO provides convenient and reliable immigration information for the public, who are interested in learning or preparing to immigrate, and it also serves as a unique platform, for exhibitors to accurately reach potential customers and build brand image.

The professional seminars were assigned to migration experts and teams, where Mercan Properties shared its vision and potential within the immigration sector, as well as set the company’s reputation as a unique solution platform for immigrants-to-be.

Covering more than 20 potential immigration countries, the IMMIEXPO 2023 has invited more than 150 well-known and powerful immigration companies to participate, in the most varied areas of work. Including overseas property, study, pet immigration, asset management, tax planning, insurance, and banking services, covering 20 popular immigration countries.