Discover Algarve: the bucket list to one of the most popular destinations in Portugal

19 April, 2023
Discover Algarve: the bucket list to one of the most popular destinations in Portugal

The southern region of Portugal is famously known for its breathtaking coastlines, epic caves, and traditional white-shade villages, but what makes Algarve one of Portugal’s most popular and beautiful tourist destinations?

Algarve is the home of some of the most historical and natural attractions in the world. The surrounding nature, a year-round of amazing water temperature, the climate, and breathtaking sceneries alongside the coastline, will quickly impress and steal anyone’s heart. 

There are no exceptions for “What to do in Algarve”, whether it’s hiking along the shores, relaxing in numerous paradise beaches, or even wandering through the old marine villages in the warm afternoon sun, there is much more to discover! Discover our bucket list of things to explore in the Algarve and get ready for your next trip: 

Explore Beautiful Beaches

The main reason why Algarve is one of the most wanted destinations in the market is the number of marvelous beaches alongside the southern coastline. The temperature and calm waters make them perfect for swimming and relaxing during the summer months, although Algarve is also a very popular destination by the middle of April, due to the amazing weather and long-lasting sunny days.

Dona Ana Beach - Lagos

There’s something special for every type of beach person. From protected coves, and high cliffs to hiking or tranquilize bays, feel free to explore the beach of Dona Ana, in Lagos Town, with beautiful and calm turquoise waters. A bit further up the coast, there is another hidden sandy paradise: Praia do Camilo, known for its natural tunnels and archways, forming a calm bay of crystal clear water.  

Discover Hidden Paradises 

Tourists don’t hear about it often, but there are a few secret and well-kept spots in Algarve, that provide great experiences for those who look for an immersive experience in nature, away from the crowd. The Pego do Inferno waterfall – is one of the most beautiful hidden gems of the Algarve. Located in Tavira, Pego Waterfall surprises its visitors with its stunning lake and natural surroundings. 

Pego do Inferno Waterfall

Famously known as Cathedral – Benagil Cave is one of the most beautiful places alongside the southern coast. Located between, Carvoeiro and Armação de Pêra, this beautiful rock formation is by far the perfect place to watch the sunrise or even kayaking along the shore. 

Benagil Cave

Try New Activities 

The best to get a full experience of the Algarve’s natural beauty is to explore the coastline by boat. Sailing along the coast and discovering sea caves, grottoes or secret beaches are the best way to enjoy the clear blue waters of the “Algarvian” coast. Besides the boat tours, kayaking is also a good option for the most adventurous and the perfect activity to enjoy the coastline with family and friends! 

Boat Tours

Travelers who love the serenity of the Algarve’s calm waters, get easily impressed by the surprise of Dolphins that visit the coast from time to time. Dolphin tours depart from Lagos and can be extended to early September. 

Experience Gastronomy and Nightlife 

Algarve is full of the liveliest destinations – Lagos – is the epicenter of the southern gastronomy of Portugal. Restaurants on the cobblestones and tucked away in backyard gardens, with Michelin-listed chefs, fill up with diners of fresh seafood off the boat.

Gastronomy of Southern Portugal 

When the sun goes down, the activities continue in traditional pubs, cocktail lounges, and dance clubs, that fill the streets with joy and entertainment

Visit Cultural sights

There is much more to Algarve than beaches and natural landscapes. The historical Arabian settlement in southern Portugal makes Algarve one of the most symbolic regions of the country.

Historical Villages

Every town has its own historic and characteristic elements worthy of being registered on camera. Travelers can enjoy a walk through the charming cobblestone streets, visit picturesque churches, and explore the white-shadow houses on narrow streets, filled with colors and flowers while enjoying a cocktail in a hidden corner pub or trying the traditional pastries. 

The ceramic culture in Algarve is a must-do visit during the stay. This is a traditional craft that combines modern design with hand-painted details. The set goes from simple dishes to tableware, making it the perfect gift for house decor. 

Algarve Ceramics

Algarve: a traveler’s Paradise

For those who want to explore the European summertime, every town is unique!

From its excellent cuisine, history, culture, and, of course, warming weather, aesthetically, nothing can compare to this beautiful region of southern Portugal. Besides being a welcoming destination, whether you’re looking for picturesque architecture, beautiful beaches, or lively nightlife, you will find it here at any time of the year!