Portugal and Canada strengthen connections within the hospitality sector

29 May, 2023
Portugal and Canada strengthen connections within the hospitality sector

Source: Observador

Canadian tourism is increasingly growing in Portugal, and Lisbon is one of the most popular destinations so far.

In an interview for the Portuguese News Agency - LUSA, the Portuguese ambassador in Ottawa province, Leão Rocha, explained that Canadian interest in Portugal's tourism industry had resulted in large investments within the hospitality sector, as well as reinforced economic connections between the two countries.

"The potential of Canadian tourism to Portugal, even in a post-pandemic year like 2022, has already been noticed again since the summer, with visits by Canadians to Portugal. Lisbon represented the fourth destination in the summer for Canadians," reinforced the diplomat.

Besides tourism, Canadians without ties to Portugal have shown economic interest in the country, in terms of investment. According to the ambassador, the free trade agreement between the country and the European Union (CETA), had a significant impact and positively favored Canadian connections.

The statements were made in the scope of the May 13 commemorations, which marks the 70th anniversary of Portuguese Official Immigration to Canada, in which António Leão Rocha believes that the two countries have strong relations, besides being "multilateralist partners in areas related to human rights, democracy and the defense of gender equality".

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