Casa da Companhia featured in Esquire Magazine

20 November, 2023
Casa da Companhia featured in Esquire Magazine

Source: Esquire Magazine 

The lifestyle and tourism magazine highlighted Casa da Companhia's position as one of the best hotels in Europe - Porto, for a vacation in the city.

The beauty of Europe, especially when you’re in Europe (by which we mean geographically, rather than socioeconomically, our thoughts on which we’ll tell you over a drink time…), is that there are so many great cities to visit, many of them with just a short flight or a scenic train-ride between them. In the space of a single (admittedly quite ambitious) trip, you could take in Croatian beaches, Italian cathedrals, French boutiques, and Portuguese wine bars, and sample the many varied and historic delights the continent has to offer.

Having said that, given your hectic itinerary, you’ll also want to make sure your accommodation is up to snuff. Accordingly, here is our selection of the hippest, chicest, cutest, most comfortable hotels from Rome to Reykjavik that will ensure you’re rested and ready for your next European adventure.

With its sprawling (admittedly hilly) streets, bars (check out Aduela, where you grab a drink and pretend to be a local), and culture (the Serralves Foundation, overflowing with Calder and Miró, is a must-visit), Porto is irresistible. The beaches and bluer-than-blue swimming pools don’t hurt. The most soothing place to enjoy Porto’s offerings is Casa da Companhia, Vignette Collection, a luxe, 40-room hotel, from IHG Hotels & Resorts. (If you are also visiting Portugal’s bustling capital, the brand just opened Convent Square Lisbon, too.) Located on one of Porto’s prettiest, and most pleasingly pedestrianized, streets, Rua das Flores, the hotel was once the headquarters of a port company. Beyond the well-appointed rooms – try to snag one with a balcony – the treasure is a perfectly sized (and heated!) pool, which overlooks the city’s Sé Cathedral.

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