Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel’s Design recognized internationally

25 March, 2024
Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel’s Design recognized internationally


Source: O Minho 

In 2023, the Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel premiered as the country's luxurious business hotel, a distinction now awarded at the World Travel Awards in this year’s ceremony in Berlin, Germany. This recognition underlines Porto's escalating sphere in the hospitality and tourism sector, a domain that the regions considers strategically vital for the future.

The Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel, began welcoming guests in 2023, in Rua de Cervantes, at the heart of Porto, representing a significant project in the Mercan Group Portugal’s portfolio. The project stands not only for its prime location but also for its commitment to sustainable development, rejuvenating approximately two hectares of Porto's urban landscape.

The Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel successfully combines innovative aesthetics with operation, aiming to promote a cosmopolitan lifestyle in the midst of a green urban retreat accessible to all city residents. This approach to architecture will not only improved the urban landscape, but also serve as an exemplified development model that honors sustainability and design values.

Moreover, the hotel's design received international acclaim, securing the Silver trophy at the 2023 International Design Awards (IDA) in the Building Of The Year / Hospitality category. This accolade is a testament to the design's innovative approach by Visioarq and its contribution to the hospitality and architectural landscape.

The Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel's architectural concept emphasizes the enhancement of the urban environment through designs that inspire, combining simplicity and elegance. A significant step in the revitalization of a key area in Porto, reflecting a broader commitment to urban renewal and sustainable development.

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