Easter Celebrations at Mercan Hotels: A recap on a Culinary and Cultural Journey

2 April, 2024
Easter Celebrations at Mercan Hotels: A recap on a Culinary and Cultural Journey

Easter Season at Mercan Hotels was filled rich culinary traditions and luxurious settings, promising an unforgettable experience at Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel, Casa da Companhia, and Arts Hotel Porto,

Since Easter is such a famous holiday in the Portuguese allure, Mercan Portugal couldn't help but symbolize the season in the country's most modern and historic setting: the city of Porto, with each hotel combining traditional flavors with contemporary touches.

The Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel sets the tone with an Easter Sunday buffet orchestrated by Chef Duarte Batista. The feast began with a generous selection of cheeses and charcuterie, followed by a variety of starters, including traditional Portuguese dishes such as ovos verdes and peixinhos da horta. The main courses are roast lamb and codfish à lagareiro, as well as a vegetarian fregola pasta with mushroom sauce. The desserts, by Pastry Chef Ricardo Tiago, highlight the art of Easter sweets, such as Margarida's sponge cake and chocolate-filled eggs, guaranteeing a sweet ending to the meal.

Casa da Companhia, Vignette Collection, located in Porto's historic Rua das Flores, intertwines luxury and history, offering a traditional Portuguese Easter lunch with a modern twist. Chef Pedro Garrido presented seasonal dishes such as cod with a shrimp fricassee and roast lamb. Complemented by a selection of exquisite desserts such as fried custard. This boutique hotel, a restored jewel from the 18th century, offers not only a gastronomic journey but also a sweet dive into Portugal's rich history and wine production, representing the essence of comfort and sophistication.

At Arts Hotel Porto Easter came to life with a colorful and artistic touch. Chef Evandro Gonçalves' special lunch menu showcases Portuguese cuisine with an inventive presentation, starting with a vibrant salad and leading to choices between tomato rice with cod and leg of lamb cooked in red wine. The dessert buffet, with traditional sweets such as folar de ovos, invites indulgence. The hotel also organizes an Easter egg painting workshop, adding a creative touch to the celebration, and encourages family time with a pet-friendly policy and recommendations for exploring the charming city of Porto.

This Easter, Mercan Hotels invited every guest to embark on a gastronomic and cultural journey in three of Porto's most distinctive venues. Each offers a unique celebration of the season, combining the flavors, history and art that define the Portuguese Easter experience. Whether it's the lavish buffet at the Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel, the luxurious setting of Casa da Companhia or the vibrant atmosphere of Arts Hotel Porto, the spirit of Easter was alive and waiting to be discovered.