Casa da Companhia highlighted on Travel+Leisure as Top Destination in Portugal

17 May, 2024
Casa da Companhia highlighted on Travel+Leisure as Top Destination in Portugal

Source: Travel+Leisure

"Destination Guide: Where To Eat, Play And Luxuriate In Europe This Summer" recent article highlighted Casa da Companhia, Vignette Collection, as Top Destination to visit this summer in Porto. 

As the sun’s rays get warmer and our leave count mounds higher, the prospect of an exotic European vacation beckons again. Imagine strolling down Sicilian lanes chomping on icy gelatos, admiring towering castles, or relaxing on a beach while stargazing – Europe offers something for everyone. If your heart is set on a sun-kissed vacation in the continent, scour our guide to the best destinations, nightlife, beaches, and adventures that await you in Europe this summer.

But first, how hot will it be?

Summer in Europe translates to a full house of tourists, bustling streets, and numerous festivals. Owing to the continent’s massive expanse, the degrees vary region-wise. For starters, Western European countries like Germany, France, Netherlands, the UK, Austria, and Switzerland experience temperatures between 14°C and 24°C from June to August. Countries in Eastern Europe, including Poland, Hungary, Croatia, and Greece, witness similar degrees of heat, with the highest temperature hovering around 25°C. Down south, the unsparing sun drives the heat to 30 °C, making the region relatively hotter. Northern Europe remains the coolest, with maximum temperatures clocking in at 22°C. So if you’re travelling to break free from the summer spell, consider the Northern countries like Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Greenland.

Our favorite summer destinations in Europe

Porto, Portugal - Chase down splendid river cruises, admire the unique baroque, neo-classical and modernist architectural styles, explore churches, and savour locally produced (and internationally acclaimed) wine in Porto!

What to see: Key attractions in Porto include the Fundação de Serralves, the Soares dos Reis National Museum, Batalha Cinema Centre, soaking up views from the Clérigos Tower, Morro Garden, catching a concert at Casa da Música, and enjoying the nightlife.

Where to stay: Torel Palace Porto, Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa, Casa da Companhia – Vignette Collection, and The InterContinental Porto Palácio das Cardosas.

Where to eat: Dona Maria Restaurant, Casario, Chez Maurice, and The Yeatman Gastronomic Restaurant.

Best time to visit: From April to October.

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