Mariano Faz, highlighted on AMBITUR latest interview: the future for Ace Hospitality Management

7 June, 2024
Mariano Faz, highlighted on AMBITUR latest interview: the future for Ace Hospitality Management

Source: ambitur

Mariano Faz, CEO of Ace Hospitality Management (AHM), shared his insights and ambitions for the future in a recent interview with Ambitur. With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Mariano Faz leads AHM in managing a portfolio of more than 600 hotel rooms in Portugal, with plans to expand to over 3,000 rooms in the next three years. As part of Mercan Group, AHM aims to fill a market gap by providing highly specialized management services for distinct hotels and partnering with renowned international hotel brands to combine global knowledge with local expertise.

Mariano emphasizes that AHM's approach goes beyond operational management, "In hospitality, we can surprise and innovate continuously in an extraordinary way” focusing on a strategic vision to enrich the guest experience. AHM aims to heavily attract and retain top talent, which he believes is crucial for standing out in a competitive industry. AHM ensures that its services exceed client expectations by fostering a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and adaptation to market trends. A strong commitment to human resources, infrastructure, technology, and market strategies supports this commitment to excellence.

"This approach is not limited to simple operational management; it transcends into a strategic vision where every decision is made with the aim of enriching the guest experience. We understand that by focusing on our specialty, we maximize the value we offer, not only to our clients, but also to the stakeholders involved. We invest heavily in training and developing the skills of our team, aware that human capital is a company's greatest asset. We foster a culture of continuous improvement, innovation and adaptation to new market trends", he emphasizes.

In terms of expansion, AHM is set to open several new units this year, including the Holiday Inn Express in Porto and Beja, and another in Évora, along with a premium restaurant. These new additions will bring innovative concepts to their respective regions, highlighting AHM's dedication to providing unique and memorable experiences for guests. Faz's vision for AHM includes not only growing its portfolio but also ensuring that each hotel under its management is distinguished by quality, innovation, and exceptional service. "We aim to make this restaurant a gastronomic destination of choice, highlighting the culinary riches of the Alentejo."

Looking ahead, Faz is optimistic about the future of the hospitality sector in Portugal, citing the country's ability to learn from the mistakes of other European markets as a significant advantage. He is committed to sustainability, as evidenced by the LEED Platinum certification of the Renaissance Porto Lapa hotel. Faz believes that Portugal's hospitality professionals are among the best in Europe, enriched by international experience and language skills. His ambition is to see AHM among the top three hotel management companies in Portugal, leading with a team that continually sets new standards for success in the industry.