The Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel are an Ode to the Elements: find out which ones

5 June, 2024
The Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel are an Ode to the Elements: find out which ones

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River, Mountain, and Sea: Renaissance Hotel's New Cocktails Inspired by Portuguese Ecosystems have bold techniques and unusual ingredients. A journey for every taste as the days grow warmer and longer, with the arrival of summer in Porto city, and there's no better way to cool off than with a refreshing cocktail.

The Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel, a standout in the city's hospitality scene for over a year, continues to set high standards. One of its latest offerings is a new signature cocktail menu, crafted by bar manager Cristiano Losa, which will be available from Monday, May 13, World Cocktail Day. Inspired by Portugal's diverse natural ecosystems, Losa developed nine unique cocktails, including two non-alcoholic options, after two months of research and testing. The new menu, named "Native," celebrates the flavors, textures, and aromas from the north to the south of mainland Portugal and its islands. Each ingredient is sourced locally, ensuring a sustainable, intuitive, and sensory experience that tells a unique story.

These cocktails combine bold mixology techniques, surprising ingredients, and innovative glassware. From fruity and citrusy to robust and bitter, each drink explores different flavor profiles, volumetrics, and alcohol content. The journey begins with the "Maritime" cocktail, evoking a dive into the Atlantic Ocean with its herbal liqueur, Froggy B vodka, and a salicornia cloud mimicking sea foam. The "Dunar" cocktail,  is a sweet, fruity, and floral drink, that represents Portugal's dunes, featuring prickly pear, vodka infusion, bergamot, grapefruit, licorice, lavender, and rose notes, complemented by a Jean Paul Gaultier-inspired perfume essence. The "Laurisilva Forest", however, has an alcoholic, and non-alcoholic version that captures the tropical climate and lush landscapes of Madeira and the Azores, combining Citadelle Gin, jasmine, lemongrass, apple, passion fruit, elderflower, or chili leaf in the alcoholic version, and pineapple, Gorreana tea, and Ginger Ale in the mocktail.

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The "Montado" is the most alcoholic cocktail on the menu, perfect as a digestif with its strong, woody, and smoky profile. Reflecting the Alentejo region, it incorporates black pork flavor, braised cork, and acorn liqueur. Losa explains, "We cook the black pork with Woodford whiskey at low temperature, let it marinate, extract the fat, and filter the whiskey infused with the pork flavor. The acorn is used in a liqueur, and the cork is smoked by braising wine and champagne corks.

The "Estuary", served in a flamingo-shaped glass, common in the Ria de Aveiro and Ria Formosa, blends Plantation rum, inula plant, crayfish, and tangerine. Cristiano shares, "We smoked the crayfish in a neutral distilled alcohol to prevent fermentation, preserving its flavor, and added a bit of absinthe and sugar, almost like an essence."

To recreate the morning fog ambiance, the "Native Forest"  features pine and eucalyptus aromas combined with Citadelle gin, goji berries, wild berries, and bergamot. The journey concludes with the "Mountain", symbolizing the altitude and purity of crystal-clear waters, with a mix of Citadelle gin, peach, heather, and lavender.

Every visit to the Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel bar promises personalized service and it deserves a true toast to the fine art of cocktail. A unique sensory experience that guests can enjoy a special offer between 6 PM and 8 PM daily - at the Golden Hour - with a privileged view of the city and an infinite pool to refresh the senses. 

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By: Sara Rodrigues