Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel in High Life Magazine

10 June, 2024
Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel in High Life Magazine

Source: bahighlife

When travelling, exploring the local culture becomes part of your daily routine. Imagine a luxurious stay surrounded by history and culture, or enjoying the sunset by the pool in a fantastic setting in the city of Porto. The Marriott Bonvoy has it all and the Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel makes it possible!

Welcome to the Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel, a pastel-colored hotel with a Modern Decoration-inspired treasure that celebrates Portuguese culture. With its typical tiled walls and oversized gin cocktails, this hotel offers a distinctive cultural experience. After settling in, immerse yourself in your surroundings with activities planned by Renaissance Navigators, the hotel's local experts.

A few steps away, explore the 18th century Igreja da Lapa, with its softly lit baroque interiors in polished marble. Then enjoy a Port (or a few) at the well-stocked Gota a Gota Wine House. After a spectacular day in the city, exploring cool gardens, historic museums and indulging in the gastronomy of the fantastic Ribeira area, where the Douro River flows into the ocean, don't miss the chance to relax in the hotel's infinity pool, followed by sunset drinks and oxtail croquettes at the rooftop bar with stunning views.

Ready for an unforgettable cultural experience? The Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel awaits you.

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